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15.01.2021 Pinbot mpu

They will over heat and stop working or provide too much voltage to sensitive electronics over time. Replacing the original power supply and ground plains is mandatory to keep these games functioning. New boards currently on the market have not been added. We are trying to find more sources and more types of new pinball replacement board sets to offer to the coin-op community and will be selling them again only if board demand and distributor prices improve.

The general rule for Bally, Stern early Stern board versions only, no sound boards are being manufacturedData East and Gottlieb pinball games is every board in a pinball machine can now be replaced by a new and improved redesigned circuit board. The only exception to this rule is no one has been able to remanufacture sound boards because most use custom system specific chips that have not been remanufactured.

Wiring harness connectors are the only part not replaced by a new replacement pinball circuit board. No game wiring modifications are needed to use any of these new replacement boards!

pinbot mpu

The large heat sinks on the original power supply boards have been eliminated. No part is needed off the original power supply board including any wired extended connectors.

The solenoid driver transistors can handle 25 Amps instead of the original 10 Amps and offer lower internal "on resistance" giving each coil more pull in power. Require only a screw driver to install.

pinbot mpu

Pinball Medic Amusements is not responsible for shipping an incorrect system board if the wrong board was ordered. We will double check to see if the correct board was ordered based on the game's title.

The only boards we can supply are for our repair and refurbishment games. Additional boards have come on the market and will be added during our restocking. None of these additional boards are currently in stock. They are completely compatible with the original power supply board. All boards on this page do not require any wiring harness changes and are drop in compatible with the original boards they replace. These new boards are manufactured with much higher specifications then the boards we used to sell.

We recommend anyone replacing the early model Williams power supply boards to use these new replacements over the circuit boards we now have posted on this page. We will be updating this section very soon with more details about these newly discovered better replacement power supply boards. The two boards have the same basic power supply components, but have different connector wiring.

We are not responsible for shipping an incorrect system board if the wrong board was ordered. We will double check to see if the correct board was ordered based on game title. All power supplies on this page use a new voltage regulator design, the large heat sinks on the original power supply boards have been eliminated. No part is needed off the original power supply board and no wiring harness modifications are required to use any of these boards in your game.

Replaces Data East part numbers andand Test points have been added for all voltages generated on this board The wired connector four pin connector at the top right corner of the original power supply board original part number has been replaced by an on-board connector center far right hand side on this new replacement power supply board. No game wiring harness modifications are required to use this new board inside a pinball game. System 3,4,6 See Note 1. Replacing the original power supply is mandatory to keep these game functioning.Pinside member.

Howell, MI. Hello, I just switched out my old mpu board with a new rottendog board in my Pinbot. The Pinbot speech is horrible. The speech was fine with my old mpu board. Any clue on how I can fix the speech issue? Thank you. Inactive member. New Castle, DE. Now that I think about it it may be that DAC chip is the issue. Probably no longer available.

If you take the DAC chip from your original board and put it in the rotten dog, it may clear up this problem. The Dac chip is u3, which is in the upper left-hand corner of the original board. It may not be socketed though. Might have to desolder it. They are just not available. Maybe the replacement that rotten dog is using is inferior to the original.

Okay, Rottendog are sending me a chip for U36? They said this will solve the problem? Thanks Clay. Ballwin, MO. This also might be relevent to your problem. My transporter speech sounded awful, loud, scratchy, could almost hear a heartbeat through the speakers.

Is that what you are experiencing? The following link might be of use to you. Moncton, NB. This just seems to be a Rottendog board issue on some Sys 11 games. As my F did the exact same thing, at low volumes it wasn't so bad but if you turn it up, the voices and certain sounds handled by the Rottendog are sooo much louder than the music and sound so distorted it was terrible.

Not to mention, there's no bass and the sound is just flat. After repairing the original board it's like night and day, so much better sounds and voices are lower than the music and clear, as they should be.

So now I have a very expensive backup if something happens to the original board again. In summary of the other thread. The little daughter board on the mpu for the speech sounds has a resistor that is too low and sends too much power to the sound board.

So when the two different sound sources are mixed, the mpu sounds are way over powered. There are quite a few fixes that have been come up with on the other thread.

Great to see you're enjoying Pinside! Did you know Pinside is able to run thanks to donations from our visitors? Please donate to Pinside, support the site and get a next to your username to show for it!There have been 3 images uploaded to this topic. View topic image gallery. Huntley, IL.

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My Pinbot's MPU board died and was not worth repairing due to multiple issues. I'm grateful they make these, but the sound on Pinbot is now pretty messed up and I'm not the only one with issues.

In fact, if I try to adjust the music track to a normal volume, then the speech is so loud it is on the verge of blowing out the speakers - no exaggeration. Even if I turn the volume knob all the way down, the speech is still too loud.

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I've heard no solutions from others, so my first step was to adjust R15, the k ohm trimmer pot on the Speech and Sound board.

I turned it all the way down and there was a big improvement, but the speech is still way too loud. So my question - does anyone see a problem with this approach? Has anyone had this issue? Are there alternative solutions? Pinside member. Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. Can they provide a schematic of the Rottendog board so you can compare it to the original Williams board?

At one time I had looked at the Rottendog 11A board but was told there could be sound issues so I avoided it and rebuilt an original 11A board for my pinbot. My original 11A MPU was repaired by a respected professional, but when it fried a second time, he deemed it ready to be scrapped, so it was.

I agree there's sound issues on the Rottendog System 11 board. I tried this board in Swords of Furywhich I think is 11B. It had the same issues as Pinbot, which is the digitized sound call outs, explosions. It needs to be balanced out between the two. On Pinbot the R15 pot on the sound board seems to have a big, positive impact on the problem, but it just does not have enough resistance at K ohms to totally make the problem go away.

I'm going to try replacing it with a k ohms pot that is on order from Mouser. I will report back if this does the trick. Nice to have at least this option on the market.

The Kohaut option is no longer available. It's now the only new board option I'm aware of. I'd say if someone needs to replace their Sys 11 MPU, they should always go for a good condition used original board first. But those are hard to find. Well in case anyone ever replaces their MPU 11A or 11B board with a Rottendog and has the same sound problem, here's the fix.

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I replaced with k ohm potentiometer on the speech board with a k ohm one. It helped - but not enough. Still too loud. So I had to upgrade to a k ohm potentiometer. That did the trick. The speech and explosions are now roughly the same volume as the music.

But, I had to turn the pot all the way to maximum resistance lowest volume of k ohms.

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So whatever is going wrong with the Rottendog sound, it takes at least k ohms to balance it out. I don't know if anybody else has dealt with this but that's my solution.

The Pot, form Mouser Electronics, is rather large, but solders in with it's two pins to the board without difficulty.This is not a throw away board. This is done to keep the price of the board as low as possible. Please check with the distributor you choose to see which chips you may need to move! Call us direct if this confuses you. Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via UPS with tracking and drop-off without signature.

If you prefer delivery by UPS. Extra with required signature, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method. Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with a link to track your package online. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs.

Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected. Sold out. Click to enlarge. Next product.

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Add to wishlist. Share Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest linkedin. We try to ship same day. Tracking numbers are supplied.

Related products. Add to cart. Quick view. It is made from. DIS — These boards are sold as a set one price for both boards. They replace Bally display part numbers. Shopping cart close. Menu Categories. Stern Toppers Acrylic Toppers.Click to go back to the Williams solid state repair guides index.

The Williams system 7 boardset was replaced in with the system 9 boardset, and then again in with the system 11 boardset. Combining the driver board, sound board, and cpu directly onto one board eliminated several design deficiencies of the earlier boardsets; mainly the 40 pin interconnector, and extra wiring harness interboard connectors. Larger roms could be fitted directly onto the boards allowing for more complex rulesets and sounds.

With a fair amount of effort, a System 11 board could be made compatible with a System 9, but it is not worth the extended effort to change the jumpers. It's far easier to just modify the rom images so that they are plug and play when installed in a System 11 CPU. You can find them already on the ipdb.

The primary differences between the System 9 and System 11 board sets are the sound system and rom space. As time went on, the System 11 board set underwent some changes too. More apparent was the addition of circuit boards. Starting with the 11a board set, a more complex sound board was added System 11 sound boards are strictly background sounds only. Later in the System 11 series, sound functions were partially 11B or fully removed 11C from the MPU, and eventually were solely handled by a dedicated sound board.

Game-specific interconnect boards and auxiliary power driver boards were introduced in System 11B games. The interconnect boards acted as a pass-through for switch, lamp, flasher, and solenoid signal lines and circuits. It also allowed circuits with different voltages to share the same power source by using current limiting resistors to drop voltages to the appropriate levels.

pinbot mpu

All general illumination fuses were moved to this board. The auxiliary power driver board has the AC relay, which finally centralized the location of it.

Likewise, several fuses, beefier TIP36C transistors, and bridge rectifiers are centralized on the auxiliary power driver board.

#85 Williams PINBOT Pinball Machine-One of the greatest games made! TNT Amusements

Schematics for each game are essential in tracing down connections to lamps, switches, and solenoids. Details for board and cabinet schematics System games can be found in the game manual or parts catalogs.

Parts catalogs also had supplementary updates to add and replace pages as newer games were released after the initial release of the catalogs. Supplementary service bulletin books were released, which included service bulletins that detailed any problems or issues with games that were discovered after they were released. System 9 eliminated a huge issue with the earlier system 3 through 7 boardsets - the 40 pin interconnector used between the MPU and Driver boards.

Now, all the circuitry of the mpu, driver, and sound boards was contained on one board. Helper boards were still used for displays, speech, special purposes, and solenoid expansion. Starting with Big Guns, Williams introduced another weak link into their system: the interconnect board. It was initially designed to disperse the general illumination between the playfield and backbox. The connectors on these boards were prone to overheating and failure just like any previous attempt.

At the same time, flash lamp resistor boards were being used. These were created to centralize all of the flash lamp current limiting resistors, and eliminate under playfield flasher driver boards, which had proven themselves problematic. In addition to the interconnect and the flash lamp resistor board, the auxiliary power driver board made its appearance.

The auxiliary power driver board housed all of the high current transistors TIP36Cssolenoid and flasher fuses including discrete flipper fusesthe AC relay, and the solenoid bridge rectifiers.

The auxiliary power driver board did go through some minor changes, but it essentially was the same until the last System 11C game. Starting with Banzai Run, a more standardized interconnect board was created. This interconnect board merged the general illumination interconnect with the flasher driver board. Both switch and lamp circuits passed through this board, but neither circuit was modified by the board. Later in its existence, 3 opto couplers were used on this board to determine when the flippers and AC relay were activated.

The theory is that coils that are seldom fired will be on the A side of the relay, and that flashers will be on the C side of the relay. Most of the time during gameplay, the C side is active, letting the flashers be driven. System 9 and early System 11 games do share a disadvantage with the earlier boardsets - they still utilize special solenoid circuitry.Marketing Slogans: "The ultimate machine.

Williams System 9 - 11

All photographs licensed from original photographers, who retain their copyright. Do not use without permission! Williams System 11A. Solid State Electronic SS. Colorful playfield array of lights track progress of hitting targets. Upper level bagatelle mini-playfield.

CPUs and MPUs

Silver Knight pp. Game ROMs L Prototype Roms. English Manual. Pinbot Rulesheet Sept Images: click to zoom. Backglass x Playfield x [Russ Jensen].

pinbot mpu

Flyer, Front x Flyer, Page 2 x Flyer, Page 3 x Flyer, Back x Topper x [Kevin McHugh]. Playfield x [Kevin McHugh]. Upper Playfield x [Kevin McHugh].Pinside member. Virginia Beach, VA. Sorry this is so long, i wanted to give as much detail as possible in case this is an easy fix I picked up a Pin-Bot this past weekend, and I'm extremely happy with it.

My only issue is the sounds that are generated via the 11A MPU daughter board Those would be all the voice call outs and most of the "sounds" such as the visor opening sound etc.

It has a Rotten dog MPU in it manufactured in according to the sticker on it. And the dedicated factory sound card is the one that isn't populated on the top left corner i forgot to get the Williams part number before i went to work this morning.

In addition, there is a weird "helicopter" sounding background "static" when in attract mode more then the normal system 11 Hum which increases when i turn up the main volume pot in the cabinet.

I can isolate the "helicopter static" noise when i unplug J1 Analog in from 1J16 of the MPU sound daughter board at the dedicated Williams sound board. So that's the extent of my troubleshooting at this time. I normally have more then one system 11, but i don't right now, so i don't have any boards to swap out.

The caps on the dedicated Sound board "look" OK. I've learned in the past Bally However in the 8 or so system 11 games that I've had, I've never had to re-cap a sound board. So guess anything is possible. So does this sound like an Amp issue? I'm aware that there are two amps one for the input from the voice Roms on the MPU and one for the Roms on the dedicated sound board. Can one side of that tiny pot on the dedicated sound board be bad? Could this be a rottendog daughter board issue, and do you think they would honor a repair on a board i didn't' buy from them that's 2 years old?

Also it's worth noting that the cabinet speaker is "new" and 8ohms, Not sure if that has any bearing.

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If all else fails, can i install a independent pot on one of the wires from 1J16 and if so which one, the ground wire?? I'd imagine it'd be a set it and forget it since everything goes up and down via the main cabinet POT. This is cross threaded on KLOV too. Sorry for all the questions, like i said I've never had a system 11 sound issue, so I'm not sure what the usual culprits are, and i haven't found any posts that are specific to my issue.

Pinball Plus Inc. Woodbury, MN. I have never had luck with rottendog cpu boards in a system Best advice is to try a known good system 11 cpu board and see if your issues clear up.

It seems with rottendog cpus the sounds have issues in my exp.


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