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Undocked aussie puppies for sale

17.01.2021 Undocked aussie puppies for sale

Aussie Pups. Purchase Information. Nonrefunble in any case- transferable upon next available litter s. Working pups depending on age and training. Breeding dogs are placed with guaranteed clearance of hips and eyes at appropriate ages. Show prospects are placed with guaranteed clearance of hips and eyes at appropriate ages.

New homes will receive all appropriate health test clearances, title certificates, registration papers, etc. All puppies are sold under contract. Every puppy is sent with a 72 hour money back health guarantee and a 36 month genetic defect free guarantee. Available - no serious inquiries about puppy have been expressed. Pending - verbal agreement of adoption has been made.

Awaiting contract and deposit. On Hold - contract has been received, deposit cleared and we are awaiting final payment. Sold - puppy is paid in full. Reserved - puppy is being held back to observe for our breeding program. If a puppy in "reserved" please feel free to still inquire.

undocked aussie puppies for sale

We cannot properly evaluate breeding prospects until weeks of age, often puppies become availble. Our dogs will love and admire the meanest of us and feed our colossal vanity with their uncritical homage. Interested in where Lazy D Ranch started? Please click the picture below to see our past puppies! Every puppy is raised with the expectations to be ideal companions. For over a decade, Lazy D Ranch has bred aussies of with character, beauty, and intelligence.

On the ranch, at work and at home, our aussies are confident, trustworthy, affectionate companions. Our aussies live with us as members of the family and participate in our daily routines; this is how they learn to behave appropriately in all situations.

Ages months. No payments available on our older pups. Deposit can be placed and remaining balance is due before leaving us. They are ready to go at anytime. All pups have been started in house, crate and leash training. Listings are updated almost daily on our.Will be looking to purchase a blue merle Aussie pup with undocked tail. Which breeders should I contact? Click here to add your own comments.

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Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. I want some help training my new puppy. I want my dog to stop barking at everything. I want my dog to walk nicely and calmly on the leash. I want my dog to listen and come every time I call! I want my dog to stop being aggressive. Back to Home. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. RSS Feed. Affiliate Program. Link To Us. Site Blog. Our Australian Shepherd Ebook Guide. Ask a Veterinarian Pet Health Insurance. Dog Training Videos.

Aussie T-Shirts. Aussie Digital Painting. Training Articles. Dog Sports.Parent dogs are DNA tested for breed specific hereditary diseases. Too view what some of our previous puppies looked like Click Here.

We have in the past allowed short visits once the puppies are over 7 weeks old. This is for the health and safety of the puppies. But with the covid virus going around we are trying to limit the amount of people that are coming over. So for now we are only allowing people to come out when it's time to pick up your puppy. If there are puppies still available at 8 weeks old we will allow interested puppy buyers to come over and meet those puppies by appointment. We have two lists that interested puppy buyers get on.

There is no obligation to be on the email waiting list. The email waiting list is not a guarantee of getting a puppy from us.

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I will email everyone on the email waiting list at the same time and let you know that the litter is here. I will also send you a link to my website where the litter is posted with pictures. The first person to contact me and place a deposit on an available puppy, will get that puppy. After ourselves, we will go to the reserve list. The reserve list is a guarantee of getting a puppy.

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But it is not a guarantee on getting a puppy within a certain time frame or from a certain litter. The order that I receive the deposits will determine the order of picking out puppies. Puppies are picked out soon after being born. Usually on day one or two. Once the first person on the reserve list picks a puppy or chooses to wait for a future puppy, I will go to the next person on the reserve list.

The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the purchase price of your puppy.High Desert Aussies is a small breeder in Central Oregon that has been breeding, raising and training Australian Shepherds for nearly 30 years. We make every effort to produce healthy and well-socialized pups that will adapt quickly to your family home and become your new best friend.

We feel a great responsibility as breeders and spend many hours diligently socializing our puppies with people and dogs before they join their new family.

Aussies are people dogs that thrive on human companionship. They are exceptionally loving dogs that bond strongly with their family. They are also one of the most intelligent, trainable and versatile of all dog breeds.

Aussies have proved themselves in farm work, herding, therapy and guide service, search and rescue, and can also serve as protective watch dogs. While we do not breed our Aussies as traditional working dogs, they are still a breed that requires plenty of daily physical and mental exercise to be happy and content. If you are considering bringing an Aussie into your family, it is important to do your research first.

Please be sure that you have the lifestyle, time and space to commit to an Aussie.

undocked aussie puppies for sale

Your dog will thank you for it! See Our Puppies For Sale. Your New Best Friend. Learn More About Us. Footer Email Facebook Phone YouTube.This pup is a pretty girl. She has a natural bobtail and cute white feet.

This girl has short little white feet and a broad blaze on her face. She has just the slightest copper points now that will darken as she grows. This little girl has a big blaze and full white collar.

She is a cutie with a natural bob tail also. This little girl looks alot like her sister, but has a full tail. She has light copper points that may brighted as she gets older and a neat market little belly. This little girl is a cutie. She has the least amount of white compared to her sisters and a short little natural bob tail.

This boy is a cutie and looks like his daddy! He has rich copper points that will really start to show up the older he gets. He was also born with a short little bob tail.

undocked aussie puppies for sale

This boy has cute tan points and a little offset blaze down his face. He is a cutie! Deposits and Puppy Info. Happy Homes. All About Aussies.

Contact Us. Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age These pups will be all sizes, approx. Although we do our best to estimate the height of the puppy at maturity, we can not guarantee the actual size at maturity. The Mini Aussies were bred down from Standard Sized Australian Shepherds and there can always be a recessive gene that comes out. Our Dogs.Unusually enough, the Australian Shepherd does not originate from Australia at all.

In fact, this breed comes from the US. Intelligent and hardworking, the Australian Shepherd is a no-nonsense breed that pairs high intelligence and high energy. This breed is a loving family dog, but is best-suited for a family that is regularly on the move. Because of their active nature and working dog lineage, Australian Shepherds are extremely useful as well. They feel right at home helping to herd animals, gather children, or, once trained, even picking up around the house!

They appreciate consistency, which often requires a regular schedule that provides them with structure. These pups are also highly protective. They regularly guard their families and behave warily towards strangers. Early exposure to other pets, children, and people will help them form friendly temperaments.

Many people assume that because the Australian Shepherd is a herding dog it requires significant space to be happy. Their water-resistant coat helps keep Australian Shepherds comfortable in rain and snow.

They are a good fit for colder climates as well as warmer climates. Oftentimes, they develop a heavier undercoat when they live in cold climates than Aussies that live in warmer, sunnier climates. As with all dogs, however, you want to be careful and provide extra protection in extremely hot or cold weather. While Australian Shepherds are not more likely to become sick than other dog breeds, they do have a wider range of illnesses that could affect them.

In addition to the joint and eye issues that accompany most dogs, especially in old age, there are a few that are specific to this breed. They include epilepsy, deafness, allergies, hypothyroidism, cancer, and drug sensitivities. The genetic history of the parents can give you a good idea of what to expect in your puppy. Owners of Australian Shepherds often find that they are persistent yet amiable. They want to be involved with family activities as much as possible, so they can sometimes come across as clingy.

This breed has a thick, medium-length coat that may have a slight wave. The Merle color is characterized by dark spots or blotches on a lighter background, often creating a patchwork look.

A Tricolor coat is characterized by having a white and tan coat paired with another solid color. The variations here are Red Tricolor and Black Tricolor. Australian Shepherds will definitely shed year-round, but regular brushing can help you avoid shedding mishaps throughout the house. Twice a year, on a seasonal basis, they go through major shedding events and may require a trip to the groomer.

As long as you keep them well-groomed, Aussies only need to be bathed when they are dirty. These dogs are justifiably active for their origins. Because Australian Shepherds are working dogs, they need exercise to keep good muscle tone and to expend some of their energy.

Keeping up with their energy levels can be daunting, but as long as you play a long game of fetch or go on an early morning jog with him every day he will be happy.

When fully grown, the Australian Shepherd measures between 18 and 23 inches at the shoulder.

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Females will tend to measure 18 to 21 inches, while males tend to fall in the 20 to 23 range. They can weigh in between 35 and 70 pounds.The scenery was so spectacular that we hiked more than I expected we would plus since we lucked out on the weather, we wanted to be outside.

Bad weather our last two days caused us to explore a textile museum and the Skagafjordur Folk Museum featuring turf buildings. Helpful hint-if you want to climb Mount Namafjall (mud pots, fumaroles, etc.

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I would recommend this service to anyone. They made our trip to Sweden effortless. We encountered passport problems at the start of our trip which resulted in a delay and Cecilia was able to rearrange everything for us.

She went above and beyond in service to us. This is the only way to go and I would definitely use this service again.

Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Our Southern Iceland self-driving tour was wonderful. Working with Larus, at Nordic visitor, was a breeze, even though he was coordinating a trip for members from the US and Australia. He changed accommodations and upgraded things without any problems. The maps and booklets really let us know what to expect and how to prepare. Our accommodations were wonderful. There was a mistake made in rooms, one evening, but Larus found another hotel in a very short time. We had to drive a little further, but it was well worth it.

The last night was right on the busiest street in Reykjavic. Very noisy with everyone on the street, but my 22 yo daughter was out there, too, so we could not complain. We wanted to travel around the Ring Road in Iceland for two weeks on our own (parents and one teen) - hate tour buses. But trying to book all the accommodation felt daunting, especially since we knew very little about the country, and where it would be nice to stay.

Instead of overwhelming myself sifting through guide books and websites, I found Nordic Visitor. I must have sent them at least a dozen e mails with all of my questions, big and small, and they always responded promptly and kindly (even though I suspect I was getting to be a pain in the butt.

When we arrived, a driver brought us to our first hotel and gave us our package, which included all of our vouchers for guest houses and activities, an excellent road map, and even an Icelandic cell phone, which came in handy frequently throughout the trip for booking restaurants and activities. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Very good organization, All Hotel perfect and the combination of transport cruise train and flight was very good for us We enjoy all cities and all travels One of our best familiar experiences.

You people at Nordic visitor are doing a very good job. I had a lot of expectations about travelling around Iceland and you helped us to make the experience easy and smooth. Iceland is a wonderful country and we had a fantastic time. Hilmar was attentive and helpfulI emailed him and even called him using the toll free telephone number several times before going to work in the morning from New York, and he answered all my questions patiently.

The guesthouse experiences were great as were the tours. It was nice to meet some locals and learn more of the Icelandic culture through them. Everyone was very helpful and kind. There was no part of the trip that we did not feel completely comfortable with through your help. We will certainly consider the Nordic Visitor group for all of our travels to the Nordic area.


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